ONVIO client portal

Tax documents contain very sensitive personal information, including your name, address and date of birth, etc. If that data falls into the wrong hands you could end up the victim of identity theft.

Where documents were previously sent unencrypted by email, we now ask you to share information through a Client Portal. ONVIO Client Portal works with Dropbox™, Google Drive® and other popular document sharing solutions and makes it easy to store and exchange documents securely. The Client Portal is a private workspace that you can access at any time either to retrieve documents that we upload, or for you to upload personal documents for our attention.

An added e-signature functionality also provides a secure way to communicate, store and transfer sensitive information without the worry of encountering any data protection legislation issues, or suffering any ‘human error’ breaches of client confidentiality. The electronic signature function is completely compliant, legal and has a full audit trail offering anytime, anywhere remote software access.