Manage your Sage One expenses and income from your mobile


Times are changing. Like the way we do our weekly food shop or research the latest gadget, more and more people are going online to manage their company’s finances. In turn, many small business owners will be looking towards an online solution.

Sage has a number of solutions available for small, medium and large businesses. Sage’s online solutions combine the trust of 30 years’ experience in developing software with our expertise in innovation.

Sage One

Sage One is our online accounting and payroll service designed to help you manage your business accounts anytime and anywhere.

It helps you record your accounts information, payroll and cashflow online, without any need for accounts or payroll expertise.  Sage One then allows you secure access to your data in real time,

so you can work on your accounts and payroll at any time, and in any place.

Sage One provides:

  • An online solution for small businesses for accounts and payroll
  • Online access – you and your accountant can use Sage One from anywhere with internet access
  • No need to install – it’s all online, so you’re always automatically using the latest version
  • Unlimited usage – no limits on how many transactions you and your accountant can process
  • 24/7 telephone support – that’s all day, every day, whenever you and your accountant need our help
  • Sage One Bank Feeds

Sage One Start
This is a simple online cashbook aimed at sole traders and cash-based businesses. This service allows you to record what’s coming in and going out of your business but doesn’t need any accounts expertise.

Keeping things simple

Chances are you didn’t get into business to wrestle with your accounts. So get on with what you do best and let Sage One help you keep the necessary records in order.

No more shoe boxes full of receipts and invoices; just a simple way for you to record all the money coming and going from your business.

And using the information recorded in Sage One Start your accountant or bookkeeper can easily prepare things like bank reconciliations, VAT returns, SelfAssessment and year-end accounts for your business.

With no software to download or update, it’s instantly available online. So when things change, like the VAT rate, for example, we make the changes so you don’t have to.

And it’s supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • A simple way to keep track of accounts for cash-based businesses
  • Includes tools to record customer and supplier contacts
  • Provides an instant snapshot of business income, expenses and profit
  • Online service that’s automatically updated
  • 24/7 telephone support
  • Sage One Bank Feeds
  • Includes Sage Expenses mobile app
  • Management reports such as trial balance, profit & loss and balance sheet.
Sage One Accounting
Sage One Accounting is the market leading online accounting service that has the essential bookkeeping capabilities key to the running of any small business. Intuitively designed to keep your business on track and prevent errors, it gives you and your accountant access to your online accounts from anywhere, anytime.

With Sage One Accounting, your business can get up and running in minutes with our new Quick Start functionality. You can then take care of daily tasks such as quotes, invoicing and expenses, and call on your accountant to login to their data in real time whenever you have a question.

By recording simple financial information in Sage One Accounting, it’s easy for your business to build up a picture of your business finances. Also, we know that cash flow is critical for any business. Not only does Sage One Accounting provide an accurate and up to date picture of business in real time, but it also allows your business to forecast your future cash flow status and plan ahead.

Behind all the simplicity of Sage One is a true double-entry online accounting software solution. With easy access to the information you need, you’ll love it.

  • Easy Invoicing – quotes and invoices are simple to create and can be easily customised; they can even be created on the go via the free mobile app
  • Quick Entries – sales and purchase transactions can be entered or imported in bulk, freeing up valuable time
  • Bank integration – no more importing or manual processing; your business simply links your online bank account to Sage One to update accounting records automatically
  • Over 20 downloadable reports for easy in-depth analysis
  • Live dashboard overviews of your Sales, Purchases and Cash flow
  • Simple VAT compliance – your business can create and submit VAT returns online
  • Easy international trading – multicurrency and VAT MOSS compliance for selling to EU customers
  • Business analysis – for businesses with departments, cost codes or projects, you can create analysis types to report in more detail
  • E-invoicing and online payments through the Sage Pay add-on (further charge applies)
Sage One Payroll

Sage One Payroll is a simple, online payroll solution which is ideal for small businesses who are based in the UK that would like more control over your payroll processes, but don’t necessarily have experience of payroll or time for training.

The intuitive design of the service makes it easy to use. Your business can use Sage One Payroll even if you don’t have any previous experience of using payroll software. Printing payslips becomes effortless with Sage One Payroll.

Stay up to date

With Sage One Payroll your business will never have anything to install, and because it’s online you and your accountant don’t have to worry about legislation updates either. For example, if there’s a change to the minimum wage, we update things, so your payroll is always up to date. That means your business is always compliant.

The benefits of Sage One Payroll

  • Makes it easy for your business to process your weekly and monthly pay runs in 4 easy steps. Sage One guides them through the process.
  • Automatically calculates payments and deductions, such as tax and National Insurance, so you know you’re paying the right rates.
  • Managing your employees couldn’t be easier. Record details of staff sickness, maternity or paternity absence.
  • Take the hassle out of Payroll Year End submissions.
  • With Sage One Payroll, your business can run reports to check employees’ pay history details before you create files to submit to HMRC.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Sage One Start and Accounts
  • You can invite your accountant to access your data.
  • 24/7 telephone support
  • Automatic Enrolment

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